Friday, August 22, 2014

Continuous Positivity : A Blog filled with ramblings of a 22 year old

Hello all you internet kids,

If you are looking for a blog with a point you've come to the wrong place, for this blog has no point in particular. This is a place where I share the inner workings of my brain and various thoughts and opinions that are my own. However, before we get into the nitty-gritty let me introduce myself. My given name is Elizabeth, however I find it slightly cringe-worthy and not at all a reflection of who I am. I prefer to go by Liz, for Elizabeth says that I fit into the social norm, which is why I prefer Liz as I do not fit into the social norm. I also do not want to fit into what is considered the social norm for a 22 year old, who is just discovering the world. I have been labeled many things such as the loud nice girl or the girl who wants to move on in life with no college degree. You can decide for yourself what I am, but I'm just a simple small town girl who likes to have fun and be continuously positive. I have never liked negativity, I have always find it easier to not worry about anything and going through life with a smile. I find it easier to be my own person rather than constrict myself with what society expects from me. Society expects that by 22, I will understand how the world works, I will have a college degree, I will manage my life, I will live on my own, and have a 5 year plan. Well guess what I've got none of that. I will go into this another time because I could go on forever about it and no one needs to spend 5 hours reading a blog post.. I have many opinions and sometimes they get me in to trouble but I find a lot of people relate to them but are waiting for someone to say it. I wont dive into controversial topics and upset people. That is not my goal, I have never been good at writing but I find that it somehow makes it a bit better when whatever is on my mind is written down on paper. These posts are in a way a diary as I try to understand this big world we live in. I am attempting a college degree for the third time I'm hoping that in writing this I will come to detest writing a little less. I am also thinking about leaving various feel good music at the end of posts because  music speaks to your soul and can brighten up the most dreary day.

Until next time live well and smile often.. peace

Current Listenings:
Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer Remix) - Ryan Hemsworth

Strangers with Myon and Shane 54 (feat. Tove Lo) - Seven Lions

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